Get to know us

Tax advisory office "Ars Cogitandi Doradztwo Podatkowe Jolanta Jaszkie" has been in business since 2007.

We offer accounting and tax advisory services. Our motto is professionalism, reliability and thoroughness. Our highly qualified staff routinely undergoes employee training and participates in courses in accounting, finances and tax law.

We ensure the utmost quality of our services and customize our offering to unique needs of our clients. Delegating to us you can expect tasks to be completed according to applicable law, following the appropriate formal practices, reliably and with due diligence. We guarantee discretion, confidentiality and safety of accounting and human resources data.

Our services

Tax advisory

We offer comprehensive tax services that cover consulting, accounting, payroll, human resources and related areas including, but not limited to, auditing of accounting books, preparing financial statements and reports, and setting up charts of accounts.

Accounting services

We provide accounting services to clients in Poland regardless of the location. Required documents can be delivered in person, by courier, or, as a supplemental service, collected at the client’s premises.